Club Overview

The Greater Toledo Futbol Club was established in 1996 to provide players with outstanding coaches who maintain a developmental philosophy. This philosophy allows each player within the club to achieve their maximum level as a soccer athlete. The club curriculum stresses technical development, tactical knowledge and psychological growth. The development of young people as dedicated student athletes, citizens and friends is an integral part of our product. This development is enabled through high quality training sessions, professional instruction and top quality competition.

In addition to the curriculum GTFC is made unique by its club atmosphere. We are not a collection of teams playing under a similar banner but rather we are a family united and governed by a strong philosophy. In addition to our families staying together at tournaments and training together, our youth and senior players are integrated in order to allow our youngsters to have positive role models and to give them a sense of pride in knowing they are members of the same club as our accomplished players.

No club in Northwest Ohio provides this combination of quality service, commitment and dedication. Being a member of the Greater Toledo Futbol Club entitles you to something unequaled in the soccer community. As the Greater Toledo FC continues to grow, coaches, parents and players are committed to ensuring that the standard to which we hold ourselves is never lowered and that the philosophy continues to be centered around the player.