Isabelle Austin – Goal Keeper
Graduation Year – 2016
Intended College Major: Mechanical Engineering





Favorite Quote:
“Great moments are born from great opportunities.” Miracle

If an actress would play you in your autobiography, who would it be?
Jennifer Lawrence because she’s a strong actress that stands up for women.



What is your pregame go to snack?
Go to snack is definitely a Gatorade Whey Protein Bar.



Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets, Big Mac or Taco Bell?
I’d go with Wendy’s Regular Chicken Nuggets over Taco Bell but Taco Bell over Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets.





If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
I’d be an Elephant because they are big, strong and intelligent animals



What is your favorite memory from youth soccer?
My favorite memory from my youth soccer days was when I was a U13 and we were playing in the round robin of State Cup against Pacesetter. I saved a shot and had a clear view of one of my forwards down the field, Jordyn Greer. I punted the ball as far as I could and it landed right on Jordyn’s foot three quarters down the field and she takes one touch and scores, winning the game. That was my first of many assists as a goalkeeper.





Many players take different routes by playing high school soccer vs fall club soccer. Why did you choose the path you did to play four years of fall club soccer?
My decision to play fall soccer was very easy for me. I loved playing for club in previous years and, I thought, high school was going to be something I wasn’t used to and being a freshman, I didn’t like the unknown, haha. So I played fall club my freshman year and fell in love. It made me focus more on soccer than what was going on in school and the girls I played with were my role models. Also, I thought, with fall club, it helped me branch out to other schools not around the area which is awesome because I wanted to be farther away from home for college. The fall club experience made me feel confident in my playing ability and more focused on my soccer career ahead.

My favorite moment from fall club was one of the last practices of my sophomore year. We were all talking about the season while practicing and how it was some much fun and a season to remember. We had 7 seniors leaving the team and some of those girls were people I looked up to. I remember one of the girls looked at me and said, “Do whatever you can to improve your game because I see so much potential for your future.” That was one of the most influential things I’ve heard when I was young and it changed my mentality towards wanting to play college soccer.

Why did you choose to continue your athletic career and play college soccer?
My love for soccer is greater than anything I’ve ever loved, besides my parents. It was essential that I played soccer in college. I loved playing so much during fall club and I couldn’t imagine not playing after my senior year. I decided to play soccer because my competitive nature wouldn’t allow me to not play. I emailed college coaches who were attending every tournament we went to. It became very frustrating early on as DI and DII schools are not allowed to email you back until your junior year of high school. When I would email colleges, I would never know if they saw the email, came to the games, and/or if they were interested. The summer of my sophomore and junior year I attended quite a few ID camps and day camps at numerous colleges to gain some additional exposure. After competing at The Blue Chip Showcase, the spring of my junior year, my future school, Tennessee Tech University, emailed me and asked for a phone call. The Tennessee Tech coach also called my current club coach to get his opinion of me, on the field and off. Most people don’t realize how influential our current club coaches can be to college coaches. Our coaches see us every day, and that paints a great picture for college coaches to see what type of player they could potentially be adding to their soccer program. After I spoke with the Tennessee Tech coach, we planned on an unofficial visit to see the facilities, get some questions answered about the soccer program and to meet the coaches. Once I stepped foot on campus, I fell in love and I could instantly imagine myself going to school there and playing soccer. They offered me a scholarship after the visit and three days later, after talking with my family, I gave my verbal commitment.

My journey from freshman year to senior year in high school wasn’t anything too special but I had to give up a lot of high school experiences for soccer. I had a lot of sporting events, dances, and fundraisers that I couldn’t go to because I had soccer practice or a game or had to leave early for a tournament. Now I do realize how much it was worth missing all those events. Yeah it sucked when your friends were there and you weren’t but it got me to where I am now and where I want to be. I don’t think I would change anything with my athletic career besides working harder my younger years, but I would definitely change my academic career. If I worked harder in school my freshman year, I wouldn’t have had to worry as much as I do now. Freshman year is a big school year, it determines your course of classes for the next 3 years at school and I didn’t apply myself as much as I could. What I took for granted the most was time. When you’re a freshman, you think you have all the time in the world and that senior year is so far away. Time flies when you’re having fun.













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